Patch Jacket

The illusive Patch Jacket is an identifier for any Metal Head. The blood, sweat and tears that goes into a patch jacket is highly underrated due to the evolving culture of purchasing a pre-made one off of the internet. This pre-made purchase maybe be the perfect solution for you, if this is all you have time for. But I’ve found no greater joy then being recognized for the talent that went into making MHB’s jacket.

img_0043In November of 2015, I started my quest for the best christmas present a girlfriend could give her boyfriend, and as I was thinking about Christmas gifts for him, we were also discussing Heavy Metal Culture and how its very similar to the Punk Culture. Knowing very little about Heavy Metal Culture and being only slightly versed in Punk Culture I quickly realized that MHB didn’t have a patch jacket.

Choosing the patches to go on the jacket wasn’t an easy task; a hoodie that was from MHB’s high school days had given me a sufficient start to my project. This was one present that couldn’t be a surprise. So as Christmas neared and finals dragged on, I was sewing this jacket at every free moment I had.

Having some of these patches in my possession I was lucky that my main purchase was the jacket itself. Though with a jacket like this, money is not an object. Rare patches that set you apart from others are a commodity.

Finding patches is always more fun than searching eBay or another website. One of the first few adventures MHB and I took together was to go searching for patches around the state at local head shops and other oddity shops.

Even now, as we work on my battle vest we pick patches that are significant to me and place them in an aesthetically pleasing.

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