Holidays are Less than a week away

Hope Everyone Has gotten their Christmas Shopping done! With Christmas being 4 days away there are only three shopping days left until the holiday… Unless you’re that holiday asshole; going to CVS or Walmart on Christmas to return wrapping paper or buy a last minute gift.

I’ve noticed a lot of posts about people getting really fucked up at the Holiday Christmas party. So I’ve got a few rules to live by.

1. You’re still at Work

Drinking in the office should be treated like drinking with family. If you’d get pass out drunk with Grandma, I say go for it. Its your job on the line.

2. No one wants to hear your shitty music.

If you’re incharge of the office Holiday music, no one wants to hear Dying Fetus or Anal Blaster. Unless you work in an office where that’s what you guys listen to. Then have at it.

3. Watch for children

This might only apply to the office I work in where we have an 8-month-old, but let’s bring that back to rule one and say “You’re still at work”.


Those are the three things I can think of when prepping or the afternoon Office Christmas Holiday Party!

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