About Me

I’m a metalhead’s girlfriend not a metalhead girlfriend. The difference between being a Metalhead’s Girlfriend and being a Metalhead Girlfriend is that I’m at the show for the scene and the crowd, but not the music.I wasn’t really a fan of metal music beyond the mainstream Black Sabbath songs; until I started dating Metalhead Boyfriend (or as I refer to him in most post MHB).

Since the two of us started dating in October 2015, I have been trying to figure out a way for girls like me (who know little or nothing about the metal scene) to fit in. You can read that story here. Or at least find a common ground within the Metal scenes. Since the year has passed I found parts of the scene I enjoy. I’ve also found enjoyment in going to these shows with MHB and seeing all our friends.

Some days I wonder if there are others out there like me, and then I remember that there is someone for everyone out there. So hopefully this site can be a guide for others, while I blog my way through one event at a time.


Contact Me

I’m easily reached through social media such as Facebook, Twitter or contact me through the site.