2018: Goals

We’re 3 days into 2018 and things are looking up. So I figured I’d give a few goals that I have for 2018 as well as early in the year wins.

So far for 2018, MHB and I are starting out strong, we had plans to take a vacation in 2017, but that was canceled, so we booked and paid for a spring vacation for 2018. We both got substantial raises and are looking forward to apartment hunting and moving in early 2018.


My goals for 2018,

1. Work Out

I’m not saying I’m looking to lose 30+ pounds. I’m just looking to get back in shape.

2. Write More

Whether people are reading this blog or not, I need to just write more. There are books I can read and review. And that gives me a goal to read more as well.

3. Learn to Cook

MHB does all of our cooking, for the past few years, he cooks dinner and I make desserts. This year I need to learn to cook more than grilled cheese sandwiches.


Those are just 3 short goals that I have for 2018. They aren’t much but they are a start.

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