2017: A Year In Review


What a year. This year we elected a new president, I saw Iron Maiden for the first time and I finally made it to Asbury Park, not once but twice. These may not seem like big things to most people but I’ve been trying to go to a show at Asbury Park since I could drive a car. As for Maiden, well that is MHB’s favorite band ever.

What a year its been, we went to significantly fewer shows in 2017 than we did in 2016, but its quality, not quantity that matters. Our budget also has a severe hold on it right now. Money is tied up for our Disney Trip and hopefully a place soon.

This year brought the end of my college career. That is still surreal to me. I’ll be more shocked in January when classes resume and I don’t go back. It is a bittersweet ending of a 7-year stint in college. At least I’ve finally got my Bachelors degree. Next stop my MBA.

2017 had some serious low points, not personally but publically. Feels like every time we turn around, tragedy strikes.  But that that doesn’t kill us will make us stronger. Those are my personal feelings anyways. I’ve also started following politics closer than I ever have in my life. I’m not sure if it is because I work a desk job, or if the world has become that bad of a place that I’m glued to the MSN home page to make sure the world isn’t ending tomorrow.

I hope everyone had a time in 2017. Maybe not a good time, and hopefully not a bad time. But if you had a time in 2017, may your 2018 be a better one.

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